„The top 3 things to bring to a deserted island? My Sony FS700, a Zeiss lense and a Raiders cap, of course.“

I’m Chris, I was born in Rottenmann/Austria and then I grew up. I went to school, fell in love with skiing and windsurfing and at some point, I started bossing around my friends with a camera. Back then it all started with a GoPro, curiosity in capturing movements and some skiing videos showing a lot of wipeouts.

Today, I am 26 years old, based in Graz and a freelance film-maker.

If I am not writing essays about myself, I enjoy doing sports and eating sushi. I don’t really like zucchini and kale.

I love my work and I enjoy each new project as I get it.

recently I ve been shooting for: 

Luca Tribondeau (Ski)
Adrian Krainer (Snowboard)
Markus Pekoll (Bike)
Gollito Estredo (Windsurf)

and many more…